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Gender Equality at Viadrina

In 2011, the Academic Senat and the Presidential Board of Viadrina adopted Gender Equality Policy (germ. Gleichstellungskonzept, in German only) for the whole university. The Gender Equality Policy encompasses an analysis of situation in relation to gender equality and derives from it concrete steps and target goals for each particular area. The current Gender Equality Policy has been adopted for a time period 2014 to 2017.

Gender Equality Policy at Viadrina 2014-2017 in a nutshell


  • high proportion of women students and women graduates 
  • high proportion of women doctoral and habilitation candidates in Cultural Studies
  • certificate family-friendly university audit (germ. audit familiengerechte hochschule)
  • Viadrina Mentoring programm for women students, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates
  • good representation of women on the rectorate level
  • professorship with a partial denomination for Gender Studies (in the federal state of Brandenburg are in total two such professorships)
  • module “Transdisciplinary Gender Studies”
  • incentive-based internal system of resource allocation for appointment of women (“junior”, i.e. assistant) professors
  • mainstreaming of the gender issues at the level of university management
  • staff unite diversity
  • innovative approaches to anonymisation of job application and student assessments


  • low proportion of female professors in comparison to previous qualification levels
  • proportion of women and men employees on short-term contracts above the national average
  • missing measures to address the issue of predictability and compatibility of conditions for your scientists
  • mainstreaming of gender as a cross-cutting theme in the studies, university teaching and research, the cooperation in the area of gender studies is only partly pronounced
  • low proportion of women in committees

... in Numbers

By adopting Gender Equality Policy Viadrina committed itself to actively pursue gender equality. Here you can follow the progress the Viadrina has made in selected areas since 2009. 

Figure 1: Proportion of women in different qualification levels at Viadrina, 2009-2016

qualifikationsstufen ©Gleichstellungsbüro Viadrina

Figure 2: Women/men ration in qualification process at Viadrina, 2016

qualifikationsverlauf_frauen_maenneranteil_euv ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV

Figure 3: Proportion of women in qualification process broken down by faculties, 2016

qualifikationsverlauf_fakultaeten ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV

Figure 4: Comparison between European-University of Viadrina and the national average, Stand: 2016

qualifikationsverlauf_euv_und_bundesweit ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV

Figure 5: Share of women with doctoral degrees granted broken down by faculties, Stand: 2016

Figure 6: Number of women and men awarded postdoctoral degrees (habilitations) within individual faculty, 1993-2016

habilitationen_nach_fakultaeten ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV

Figure 7: Professorships awarded to women and men at individual faculties (full-time equivalent), Stand: 2016

professor_innen_euv_vollzeit_2016 ©Gleichstellungsbüro Viadrina

Figures 8 und 9: Share of women in (academic) leadership and on boards, Stand 2015

akademische_führungspositionen ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV

gremien_selbstverwaltung ©Gleichstellungsbüro EUV