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Gender Equality Office of Viadrina

Financial Aid and Networks

Scholarships at the Viadrina

Bridging scholarships for women scientists and for scientists with family responsibilities European University Viadrina grants
  • Bridging Scholarships for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers with family responsibilities to bridge situations in which the reentry into, or the continuation or completion of the studies is endangered or made more difficult because of child rearing and caregiving;
  • Degree Completion Scholarship to particularly highly qualified women PhD candidates and early stage researchers.

Further information, call for scholarships and application forms can be found on the homepage of Family Affairs Office.

SHK-Fonds Support fund for (young) researchers with children and/or significant comittee work in form of undergraduate or graduate research assistants.

The call and application forms can be found on the homepage of Gender Equality Office in German only. For further information and support, contact Chief Gender Equality Officer

Scholarship programs of the Viadrina The homepage of Scholarship Office provides comprehensive overview over scholarships offered to undergraduate and graduate students at Viadrina and beyond. 
Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies Provides support and information for PhD researchers, postdocs and Master’s degree students interested in doing a PhD. The Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies has its own funding programmes for doctoral students and postdocs at the Viadrina and can provide you with information on further opportunities.

Further non-university-specific opportunities for women students, PhD candidates and researchers

Viadrina Mentoring for Women

Women Students

Through Viadrina Mentoring, the European University Viadrina offers a programme that supports women students in their professional orientation and their consideration of doing a PhD in a structured and professional way.

Women PhD Candidates

Through Viadrina Mentoring, the European University Viadrina offers a cross-faculty programme with an objective of providing a structured career guidance for women junior scientists.

Women Postdoctoral Researchers

The mentoring and coaching program supports women postdoctoral researchers’ networking within respective scientific community, transmits knowledge about the requirements, conditions, structures and proceedings in German-speaking scientific community, provides for opportunities to gain qualifications and strengthen performance in English and German speaking surroundings.

Gender Equality Student Fund

One of the target objectives in Viadrina Gender Equality Policy is to raise awareness of gender issues in all qualification levels, including the levels of students and PhD candidates. For this purpose, Viadrina acquired funds from the federal "Women Professors Programme" and the BMBF federal states’ funding. One of the measures approved is the Gender Equality Fund to - upon request and within available resources - finance student self-initiated projects.

Further Information on Gender Equality Student Fund, the application and report forms are in German only. Please contact us for a consultation regarding the possibilities to receive financial support for your project, event or initiative.

Viafem – „Viadrina Fempowerment“, a program for promotion of women junior researchers from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics targets to promote its women students, PhD candidates and professors in their research careers as part of the Women Professorship Program (germ. Professorinnenprogramm) of Federal Ministry of Education and Research. By promoting women, the faculty aims to make a significant contribution in international research discourse and to actively promote gender equality in science.

Call for participation (approx. once per year) in Viafem – „Viadrina Fempowerment“ is published on the website of Gender Equality Office. If you are considering applying and/or have further questions, contact

Dr. Silke Knoll
Viafem Program Manager and Gender Equality Officer at Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
A personal consultation can be be arranged per email.
Office: HG 023-025 (reflectory)