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Gender Equality Office of Viadrina

Female Refugees

The project FemaleRefugees@Viadrina targets female refugees and initiatives in Frankfurt (Oder) that are working with women refugees wishing to cooperate with the European-University Viadrina. We want to bring the academic offers and services for refugees at Viadrina to the attention of female refugees and hence increase their participation. Furthermore, we offer consultation and support to refugee women who are interested in university studies. We will also assist you with the organization of childcare.

A glimpse into our activities and accomplishments:

At our website you can also find offers for female refugees in Frankfurt (Oder), provided by various institutions or organizations, for example German courses, childcare services or consultations.

Information on how to engage in university activities, how to enroll in classes and how to become a student at Viadrina, can be found at

If you have any question, please send us an email to femalerefugees[at]