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In an EMERGENCY, please dial the following telephone numbers:
Emergency Doctor and Fire Department: 112
Police: 110

Doctors and Dentists

By clicking on the link “Arztsuche“ ( or you can methodically search for a doctor. Addresses and telephone numbers can also be found in the Yellow Pages (Gelbe Seiten), which are also available online:
If you need a doctor’s attention on the weekend or outside of medical office hours, please contact the on-call number:
On-call Doctor: 01805 / 582223750
The following number will connect you to the on-call dentist:
Dental Emergencies: Tel.: 01805 / 582223750
You can also try this website:

Pharmacies (Apotheken)

Pharmacy hours are generally shorter than normal business hours; however, there is always at least one pharmacy open for emergencies. The afterhours schedule can be found posted at each pharmacy, online ( or by calling the emergency pharmacy line at 11899 or 01805 / 582223750 (in the evening or on weekends).

Counseling Centers

Frankfurt (Oder) Health Department’s Social Psychiatry Service:
Frankfurt (Oder) Health Department (Gesundheitsamt)
Bardelebenstraße 1, 15232 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: (0335) 552 5300


Caritas offers assistance in managing difficult situations and crises. Caritas is the social aid organization of the Catholic Church and has 490,000 workers in Germany.