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Studying with children at the European University Viadrina

Students and researchers with children are very welcome at the Viadrina and will find excellent conditions to combine studies or work with their family life. For her efforts the university was awarded in 2009 the certificate „family friendly university“.

Two family representatives offer personal consultation (even in English) for students with children. If you have questions concerning child-care possibilities, study planning with children or finances do not hesitate do contact them. Furthermore at the Viadrina there are various places that can offer relieve to students with children.  There are diaper changing stations in all the buildings of the university.  In the main building there are two rooms at your disposal in which parents can find a haven for themselves and their children. In the canteen a play area is supplied to enable eating lunch together with the children and the library has an area with childrenbooks for quiet engagement. The Studentwerk offers students with residential child rooms, complete with every furnishing a new baby needs, from a crib to a bottle warmer without extra costs.

Frankfurt offers a wide range of kindergardens. International students with children have the same right as German students to a day-care spot for their child. To get a day-care spot students must register their principle residence for the duration of their stay in Frankfurt (Oder). The cost sharing of the parents for the day-care spot is dependent on the income of the parents and day-care coverage. The costs for lunch is paid for by the parents. If you wish to get a day-care spot please contact us as early as possible so that we will be able to arrange everything.

Children over the age of six can attend school in Frankfurt. Public schools are free of charge. The school year usually starts in august or september. All children first attend the primary school (grade 1-6) and can choose between different types of schools then. If you come with a child older than six years we will help you to find a suitable school for your children.

Until students have a secured day-care spot for their children or when urgent child-care is needed the university will organise day-care in cooperation with different nursery nurses which is free of cost for the students.

Please note, that you need more time than students without children to organize your study visit. For this reason please contact the department of international affairs in good time.

For more informations you can also contact the family representatives.