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Double degree

The European University Viadrina maintains close relations with many universities in and outside of the European Union, so-called "double" or "joint degrees." This gives students at the Viadrina the opportunity to simultaneously pursue two or even three degrees while studying abroad.

The application and planning for double and joint degree programs involves considerably more effort than does a basic semester abroad. One's total plan of studies should be thought out thoroughly both before and after one's time abroad to prevent the unnecessary loss of time from one's degree course. Please keep in mind that the German academic caldendar and that of the hosting country may not align (ex. Argentina's academic calendar).

The Department of International Affairs (Abteilung für Internationale Angelegenheiten) is commissioned by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics examination board to determine course equivalencies and recognition of course completion (contact person: Mr. Glase) . These equivalencies will help in securing your success in relation to planning your course of study. In this regard, take into consideration the additional monetary costs associated with an extended stay abroad.

Partner University Country   Bachelor Master
Universidad Católica de Cordoba Argentina  



Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastían Spain  



ICN Ecole de Management, Nacy France  


Sup de Co Reims France  



Sup de Co Montpellier France  



Istanbul Bilgi University (only MES) Turkey  



Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie






Condition for admission into the program

The following conditions must be met before admission into a double or multiple degree program is granted:

  1. Student must be a regularly enrolled student at the Viadrina.
  2. For Bachelor students:
    Participating in a Bachelor program: 2 years of study at EUV are required
  3. For Master students
    Participating in a Master program: A Bachelor degree is required
  4. Application for the desired program must be submitted.

Furthermore, sufficient knowledge of the language used in instruction at the partner university is required. Competency in the foreign language(s) must be proven via corresponding certificates obtained from Viadrina's Sprachenzentrum (Language Center).

Because students need to actively engage themselves in classes at the partner university from the beginning of their studies abroad, and because proof of achievement is necessary (i.e. presentations, term papers, etc...), good marks and language competency are requisites for admission into the program.

Aditionally, students must fulfill all admission requirements for the partner universities which they would like to attend.

Application Formalities

The application procedure to the double diploma programs is the same as to the regular EU and Non-EU programs. Further information can be found under Application.