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Universidad Católica de Córdoba

About the University

The Universidad Católica de Córdoba is the oldest private university in Argentina and is run by a Jesuit order which, since then, has established over 2,000 universities worldwide. The UCC in Córdoba is attended by approx. 5,000 students from all of Argentina’s provinces and adjoining countries.

The administrative headquarters of the UCC is located in the center of Córdoba and houses the Rectorate, Institute for Administrative Sciences (ICDA) and the Office for Foreign Exchange (Oficina de Intercambio). The campus, with an area of 80 hectares, is located 10 km outside the city and houses the Faculty of Business Studies and Administration and six other faculties.

The city

The city of Córdoba is located to the north of the geographical center of Argentina. More than ten percent of the 1.3m inhabitants are students and they are provided with various free-time possibilities.

Application and Requirements

Students apply for the double program at the Department of International Affairs. For more detailed information on the application procedure and the application deadlines, please refer to the application form.


  • At the time of your departure to Córdoba you have to have completed at least 2 semesters at Viadrina
  • You need sufficient Spanish language skills.
Language skills
The language of tuition is Spanish. Therefore, you need sufficient Spanish language skills in order to be able to take part in the program (usually B1-B2). The university offers Spanish courses to assist the exchange students in their studies.
Semester times

Winter semester: August-December
Summer semester: March-July

Please see the UCC homepage for the exact semester times.

Please bear in mind when planning your studies that the academic calendar of Argentinian Universities differs considerably from German Universities. Dual degree students start their studies at the UCC in the summer semester in March. It is not possible to start in the winter semester. You stay in Córdoba for one year.

Choice of course /Type of teaching

Master-Program "Business Administration": the MBA is intended for people who work and, therefore, tuition takes place exclusively in the evening and at the weekend in the form of block seminars. In total you have to complete 14 courses in the area of business studies such as business administration, finance, marketing, human resources and "complementary areas" (ethics, social responsibility). Most of the course work (seminar papers, presentations) is carried out in groups. The master’s dissertation is completed individually.

Please note: more information will follow.

Recognition of certificates and examinations

You can find general advice about recognition procedures on the pages of the Department of International Affairs under the heading recognition.

In order to receive a degree from Viadrina it is necessary to complete the modules in your course of study. To this purpose, you can in consultation with us have courses recognized which you completed as part of the dual program abroad. Discuss recognition with Torsten Glase before your departure.

n order to obtain an Argentinian degree, you have to provide UCC with your degree certificate from Viadrina. UCC then issues a degree certificate which is sent to Viadrina. We then notify you that we have received it.

Master Thesis

The master’s dissertation in Spanish is written and supervised at the UCC.

Useful Information: insurance, accommodation, travel etc.

Semester off: please note that it is not possible for you to take a semester off during your second semester in France as the master’s thesis is written during this period. You can apply for a semester off for the first semester abroad. However, in this case, you cannot receive acceptance for foreign certificates or examinations.

Health insurance: please inform yourself about the benefits and possibilities of your health insurance in case of a longer stay abroad outside Europe. There is no compulsory vaccination for Argentina, but if you would like to be informed about current recommendations on malariaprophylaxis and vaccinations, we recommend you to contact the Tropeninstitut Berlin.

Accommodation: the UCC does not have its own student dormitories (in Argentina this is not common). The Departamento de Intercambio (Foreign Office), however, will help you to find a room and often offers accommodations in flatshares or student residences even before your arrival. There is the possibility to stay in a host family, to get a room without food or to live in an apart-hotel, but also without food.

The Journey: by plane directly to Córdoba.

Living expenses: 600€-700€, depending on inflation. Please also keep in mind our further information on cost of living, on which we list the link to the DAAD's country information. These always lead to actual cost of living.

Visa: as a general rule, you need a residence permit to study more than 90 days in Argentina. You can find out about the visa requirements on the website of the Argentine Embassy.

Student reports
You can find the most up-to-date student reports under the keyword "Argentina" on our website.