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Approx. 4,500 students are enrolled at the University of Vaasa in four faculties which have a total of 420 members of staff. The university was originally a private institute of higher education which was founded in 1966 before being nationalized in 1977. The university’s modern campus is located directly on the coast.

The city

Vaasa, known as Finland’s sunniest city, is a port located in the west of the country with around 60,000 inhabitants of whom 70% speak Finnish and 20% speak Swedish. The Swedish king Charles IX founded the city in 1606 and named it after his aristocratic house

Please note: the dual program with the University of Vaasa is only open to students in the master’s course International Business Administration who are in the Marketing and Management Track or related courses.

Information regarding the dual program

Application and Requirements

Students apply for the double program at the Department of International Affairs. For more detailed information on the application procedure and the application deadlines, please refer to the application form.


    • The dual program is only available to students enrolled for the master’s course in International Business Administration who are in the Marketing and Management Track or General.
    • At the time of your departure to Vaasa you need to have studied at EUV for at least 2 semesters.
    • You need to have sufficient language skills
    Language skills

In order to take part in the program you need to have sufficient English language skills. The University of Vaasa requires proof of language skills before you begin the program: Common European Framework B2, e.g. UNICERT II or equivalent.

Knowledge of Finnish is appreciated but not a requirement.

Semester times

Winter semester: beginning August – end December
Summer semester: beginning January – end June

Please see the University of Vaasa homepage for the exact semester times.

Please bear in mind when planning your studies that the academic calendars in Germany and Finland differ considerably. Dual degree students’ semester at the University of Vaasa begins in August or January. You stay in Vaasa for one year.

Choice of course / Type of teaching

Choice of course: during your stay at the University of Vaasa you have to obtain a total of 60 ECTS points. You can find lists of the courses available on the University of Vaasa website. You can find examples in the list below.

You complete all necessary courses in the first semester. The second semester is reserved for the master’s seminar and thesis.

You can obtain information about the courses on offer and their recognition at Viadrina on the following pages.

Type of teaching: please be prepared that you have to prepare papers and hold presentations in addition to taking examinations. There is also a lot of group work.

Recognition of certificates and examinations

You can find general advice about recognition procedures on the pages of the Department of International Affairs under the heading recognition. The information contained there also applies to students taking part in the dual program. In order to be sure that your course will be recognized by Viadrina you have to first discuss your choice with Torsten Glase.

In order to receive a degree from Viadrina it is necessary to complete the modules in your course of study. To this purpose, you can, in consultation with us, have courses recognized which you completed as part of the dual program abroad.

In order to obtain a degree from the University of Vaasa , after completing your degree you have to provide the University of Vaasa with a transcript of all your results (a review of results from the HIS portal in English) . The University of Vaasa then issues you with a master’s degree certificate.

Master Thesis

You prepare a master’s dissertation at the University of Vaasa in the second semester of your stay. The dissertation is recognized by the EUV with 20 ECTS points. You do not have to prepare a second dissertation at the EUV. The dissertation is to be written in English.

Please note: it is not possible for you to take a semester off during your second semester in Finland as the dissertation is written during this period.

Useful Information: insurance, accommodation, travel etc.

Semester off: please note that it is not possible for you to take a semester off during your second semester in Finland as the dissertation is written during this period. You can apply for a semester off for the first semester abroad, which we recommend. The recognition of courses abroad is independent of you taking a semester off.

Insurance: if you have compulsory German health insurance and possess a European Health Insurance Card you are entitled to basic coverage in other European countries. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, you should apply to your insurer. Furthermore, it is recommended that you take out additional insurance for the length of your stay abroad.

If you are privately insured please find out what is covered and whether you have sufficient cover in Finland. It may be recommended to take out additional insurance.

Accommodation: there are several halls of residence available which are let by the VOAS (Student Housing Foundation). Please note that several halls of residence are located some distance from the campus. Accommodation costs EUR 190 – 300 per month. We will be pleased to arrange contact to students who are already abroad at the University of Vaasa. Please send us a short e-mail.

The journey: is possible by air, train and bus. There are no direct flights to Vaasa at the moment. Most people fly from Berlin to Helsinki and take a connecting flight or a train from there.

Living costs: approx. EUR 600 per month (day-to-day expenses approx. EUR 250, Transport EUR 30, Accommodation EUR 190- 300).

Visa: If you are a EU citizen you only need a valid passport or identity card. If you are not a EU citizen please refer to the visa regulations on the website of the Finnish Embassy.

Student reports

You can find the most up-to-date student reports under the keyword "Finnland" on our website.