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Doppelmasterprogramm mit der Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis

German-French Master’s Degree Course “Sociocultural Studies from a Transnational Perspective - Sociétés et dynamiques transnationales en Europe“

Information concerning the master’s degree course

The bilingual master’s program is an internationally oriented course offered by the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) in cooperation with the Universität Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis.

The course’s special orientation arises from the focus on the processes of sociocultural change in late modern European societies at a global, national and local level and the factors that connect them. Diverse social practices, whole societies and transnational phenomena are analyzed from a perspective of culture, i.e. especially how they are influenced by cultural knowledge systems.

Fundamental theoretical concepts are examined: the interrelationship of structure and culture in modern societies, integration and disintegration processes, the analysis of the conditions of stability and instability of social and political systems in the light of increasing individualization, the differentiation of living conditions, forms of living and lifestyles, and the increasing desire of citizens to participate.

At the same time, students can choose their own theoretical and empirical focal points within areas of specialization dealing with current and relevant phenomena in sociocultural change. It is possible for students at the European University Viadrina to choose from the following focal areas: migration and ethnicity, gender studies, urban studies, cultural practices, knowledge systems and aesthetic formations and politics and culture.

The main aim of this degree course, in addition to the practical implementation of the international intercultural recommendations of a joint curriculum for the binational group of students, lies especially in the development of analytical skills and the consistent combination of theory and empiricism at the interface of culture and social studies. A special feature of this course of study is the use of research-oriented forms of teaching and learning, such as empirically focused teaching projects at home and abroad.

The progress of the course

The students commence their studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) where they spend their first two semesters. All students then spend their third and fourth semesters at the University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis.

Teaching is conducted in German and French

In Frankfurt (Oder) the students are part of the master’s course in Sociocultural Studies and in Saint Denis they study as part of the master’s degree course Master d’Etudes européennes et internationales at the Institut d'études européennes.


The universities

  • University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis

The University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis is a state-run university in Saint Denis just north of Paris. It was founded in 1969 as an experimental university center in Vincennes. Today, approx. 20,000 students are registered in eleven faculties. Since its foundation, and also following its move to Saint Denis in 1980, the university has played a leading role in the area of teaching and research in the humanities in the Paris region. Social studies/humanities and literature and fine art are particularly well-represented. The common aim of all teachers is to enable the students to understand today’s world better and to provide them with a foundation on which they can build a successful career.

The research conducted at the University of Paris 8 is innovative, not least due to the interests of the teaching staff in areas which are largely ignored at other French universities such as psychoanalysis, European studies, urban development, geopolitics, film, fine arts and gender studies.

Paris 8 stands out due to the close relationship between research and teaching. This is based on teaching methods which can be adapted for any type of audience and courses for students of widely differing backgrounds and ages.

  • The European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

The European University Viadrina, located on the German-Polish border, offers its 6,500 students an interdisciplinary array of courses in the areas culture, economics and law. The university owes its success not least to a high teaching staff/student ratio and its modern facilities. The university’s international orientation with its wide range of foreign language courses and the possibility to graduate with binational and trinational degrees attracts numerous German and foreign students to the university on the river Oder every year.

The European University Viadrina – bridging the border between Germany and Poland – provides an opportunity to get to know Europe as an idea, concept and reality in the past and present.

The Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies attempts to facilitate the scientific research of fundamental elements which change with time by connecting the humanities and social sciences in the disciplines offered by the university – cultural history, social sciences, literature studies and linguistics.


  • Requirements

To be considered for the German-French master’s course, students at the European University Viadrina have to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. You are properly enrolled for the Master’s Course in Sociocultural Studies (MASS) or you have been admitted to this course.
  2. In order to take part in a master’s program you need at least a bachelor’s degree.

You need good grades to be accepted in the dual program. Furthermore, you require sufficient language skills in both languages (German and French, level B2 is recommended) as you will be actively involved in lectures from the start and you are required to give presentations and write papers.

  • Application

About five places are available each year in the winter semester.

The applicants are chosen on the basis of the final grade of their first degree (usually a bachelor’s degree), their language skills (German and French) and their motivation.

The universities do not charge tuition fees. However, a semester contribution (at the moment approx. EUR 250 per semester in Frankfurt Oder) is payable. This includes a semester ticket for all public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg.

You apply to participate in the German-French master’s course while you are already registered for the Master’s Degree in Sociocultural Studies (MASS). In other words, you first apply in the usual way to Viadrina for the MASS and, while you are taking part in this course, you apply to the Department of International Affairs for the German-French master’s course “Sociocultural Studies from a Transnational Perspective - Sociétés et dynamiques transnationales en Europe” at the University of Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis.

The deadline for applications at Viadrina begins on the 4th of November and ends on the 3rd of December.

What you need for your application

  • a copy of your first degree certificate (usually a bachelor’s degree)
  • a letter of motivation (max. 2 sides in German)
  • proof of language skills
  • Online application (counts as an Erasmus application)


Please send your application documents to:

European University Viadrina
Department of International Affairs
c/o Lucile Pineau
Grosse Scharrnstrasse 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

The German-French University

dfh-ufa_logo_bunt ©Viadrina

The German-French University (DFH) based in Saarbrücken has assumed the role of a center of excellence for German-French university relations with the aim of strengthening university and research cooperation between Germany and France. It supports the relations and exchange between German and French universities. The DFH is a decentralized university at which now approx. 5,000 students are studying for a combined degree in more than 140 German-French courses.

For the academic year 2013/2014 the German-French master’s course “Sociocultural Studies from a Transnational Perspective -Sociétés et dynamiques transnationales en Europe” offered by the European University Viadrina and the University of Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis will be supported financially and administratively by the DFH. An application for further support is planned for after 2013/14 and we hope to be able to support participating students with mobility allowances from 2014/15.

Here is a version of this page in French.