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Health insurance

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Compulsory insurance

To enroll at a German university you need tohave valid health insurance policy complying with the German law. You have to submit the insurance certificate together with the documents for the enrollment (= matriculation) to the university.

Applicants from within the European Union

  • Applicants from countries with agreements on social and health insurance do not need a German health insurance policy. Please inform yourself well in advance if this applies to you! This is usually applying to all applicants from within the European Union.
  • In this case your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid and sufficient. You have to order the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your insurance company in your home country well in advance. In Germany you present the EHIC to a German health insurance company who will provide you with the necessary insurance certificate for the university.

Applicants form beyond the European Union

  • For you a German health insurance policy is obligatory. After your arrival in Frankfurt (Oder) you have to get such a policy from a German health insurance company. This company will provide you with the necessary insurance certificate for the university.
  • Please, do not buy a health insurance in your home country, as those usually do not comply with the legal requirements and thus are not accepted! If you need any kind of insurance document within the application process for a visa, please contact us.

End of compulsory insurance

  • For applicants (and students) who are aged 30 and above or who have been studying for more than 14 semesters the duty to have a compulsory insurance ends. You have to conclude a statutory or privat voluntary insurance instead.
  • In exceptional cases the duty for a compulsory insurance can be prolonged. Please inform yourself in time!

Further information

    Here you can find further information on the health insurance system. There can be found useful information for international students and guest lecturers. The content is available in ten languages.
  • Krankenkassenzentrale (German only)
    There are several insurance companies which you can contact directly. If you are searching for a certain insurance company you will find respective information.
  • DAAD-Insurance Office
    For more information you can contact the DAAD-Insurance Office.

Additional Insurances

Privat liability insurance

  • This insurance is not a compulsory insurance, but one of the most important voluntary insurances. In the internet you can find numerous offers of insurance companies.
  • The private liability insurance pays for harm that accidently has been caused to the property or health of others (e.g. a traffic accident as cycler). The costs for such can reach millions and endanger ones financial situation.

Accident insurance

  • If you are around at the university for study purposes you will be covered by an accident insurance of the Viadrina (in German only).
  • In your spare time the accident insurance of the Studentenwerk will apply.