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Other Activities

In addition to the mentioned scope of emphasis the IZE co-organised further scientific conferences over the past years:

• Symposium “Ritualised Breaks of Taboo, Culture of Laughter and the Carnivalesc. Finnish-Hungarian culture-semiotic Symposium”, organised in co-operation with the Chair of Linguistics II of the European University Frankfurt (Oder), Professor Hartmut Schröder.

• Conference “Universities in the 21 st Century”, that dealt with current issues concerning the discussion of academic politics.

• In the essay “The Relation between Virtue and Values” Andrzej Szczypiorski addressed the requirements of new grounds of a well-neighbourly relationship between Poles and Germans as well as the significance of the priority of universal values compared with particular virtues. Professor Bozena Choluj and Professor Heinrich Olschowsky comment on that topic.

• In co-operation with the Kleist Museum Frankfurt (Oder), Professor Lothar Jordan, and the Institute of Medical History and History of Science of the University Lübeck, Professor Dietrich von Engelhardt, a conference was held on “Dying and Death in the work of Heinrich von Kleist and in His Historic Context”.

• In Autumn 2005 Professor Bozena Choluj organised an international and interdisciplinary conference on the biography and the work of Ludwik Fleck (1896- 1961), a physician and philosopher.

• Lead-managed by Professor Gangolf Hübinger contributions relating to the conference on the impact of Nietzsche in Germany, Poland and France were published in 2006.