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Frankfurt Institute for the
Law of the European Union

Welcome to fireu.

The Frankfurt Institute for the Law of the European Union (fireu) combines the research activities of the professors and departments working on European Law in the Law Faculty of the European-University Viadrina. This combination and concentration of resources enables research to be conducted both within and across all of European Law. In order to enable this, the institute creates networks with national and international cooperation partners, works on legal questions, legal policy as well as interdisciplinary projects and impacts on a wider community, in particular through publications and dedicated events.

The key research areas of the Institute are:

  • European Economic Law (Cartel Law, State Aid Law, Public Procurement Law and Currency Law);
  • European Constitutional and Administrative Law;
  • European Private Law (European Consumer Protection Law and Labour Law);
  • European Security Law;
  • European Law of Procedure and
  • Unification of the Law.

Fireu also addresses new, innovative areas of research. This includes topics such as discontinuity, sustainability, legal protection and competences. Fireu also analyses the role of the European Union in the context of global economic trade.

The institute publishes a newsletter called “Frankfurter Newsletter zum Recht der Europäischen Union” (“Frankfurt Newsletter on the Law of the European Union”). Furthermore, fireu created last year a LL.M. degree in European Economic Law.

On 8 July 2011, the European Union awarded fireu the title of “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence”. Through the so-called Jean Monnet program, the European Commission supports research and teaching in the area of European integration. It sponsors the research proposal “Roadmap: Regulate, Enforce and Explain”, which was submitted by the members of fireu. This research project is dedicated to the effectiveness of the lawmaking at the European level.