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Frankfurt Institute for the
Law of the European Union

Key Research Areas

Prof. Dr. Christoph Brömmelmeyer

1. European Cartel Law

  • More Economic Approach in European Cartel Law
  • Markets, State of the Market and Market definition
  • Abuse of Market Power
  • Comparative European and American Cartel Law

2. European Trademark Law

  • Trademarks in European Multi-level Governance
  • Role and Infringement of Trademarks
  • Limitations of Trademark Protection

3. European Consumer Protection Law

  • The Information Paradigm in European Consumer Protection Law
  • Deregulation
Prof. Dr. Carsten Nowak
  • European Economic Law and European Constitutional Economic Law
  • European Competition Law and European Procedural Competition Law
  • Fundamental Rights and the European System of Legal Protection
  • Europeanization of Constitution Law and Administrative Law of Member States

Prof. Dr. Matthias Pechstein
  • Study on the Intergovernmental Character of the CFSP on the Basis of the Treaty of Lisbon
  • Study on the Fundamental Right to Property of the Union
  • New Edition of the Textbook on European Law of Procedure incorporating the Changes through the Lisbon Treaty and diverse Jurisdiction
Prof. Dr. Eva Kocher
  • European Labour Law and Collective Bargaining Autonomy
  • Protection against Discrimination through Law
  • Transnational Social Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility – Exporting European Social Standards?
  • Consumer Contracts in the Mass Market – Private Power and Competition
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Häde
  • European Economic and Monetary Union
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB)
  • Budgetary Discipline of Community Law
  • Legal Questions concerning the Financial and Economic Crisis
  • The Financial Constitution of the European Union