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Frankfurt Institute for the
Law of the European Union

Research Projects

One of the most significant research projects of the fireu (Frankfurter Institut für das Recht der Europäischen Union) is called Roadmap:Regulate, Enforce and Explain”.

This project is builds on the “Better Regulation” initiative of the European Union and analyses the initiative’s-consequences, among other things for on European private, environmental and economic law.

The term “Better Regulation” is employed in two ways: in the formal sense, it refers to the optimization process of lawmaking. In another sense, with regard to content, it is understood as the optimal legal ruling in selected fields of law. The effectiveness of these regulations depends on the question whether and how they will be implemented (Enforcement). Therefore the collective instruments of legal protection need to be discussed.

Furthermore, effective regulation requires transparency. This is why the institute also analyses how complex regulations can be explained in a clear and understandable way (Explanation). The results of this project will be widespread through publications, debated in University classes and made available to the public through a citizen forum in Brandenburg (Encounters with Europe).