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Publication: Jürgen Neyer (2)

Jürgen Neyer: Polanyi and the Next Great Transformation. The What and Why of a European Digital Society. 

This essay applies the lessons of Karl Polanyi’s work on capitalism’s great transformation in the 19th and 20th century to its contemporary digital transformation. It starts with sketching the new global context in which the debate on regulating digital capitalism is embedded and argues that the European Union is well advised to strengthen its normative identity by developing a specific European regulatory approach to digital capitalism. This approach should build on ethically and socially responsible norms and abstain from confrontational concepts of technological sovereignty. For making such an approach sustainable, the EU will have to build on pan-European discursive networks and take the lessons of European history seriously: in times of technological disruption, only ambitious social policies can make the liberal promise of an open society credible and democratically sustainable.