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Publication: Martin Eisend, Lachezar Ivanov, Tomás Bayón

Martin Eisend, Lachezar Ivanov, Tomás Bayón: Gendering Conversational Humor in Advertising: An Evolutionary Explanation of the Effects of Spontaneous Versus Canned Humor. In: International Journal of Advertising 38/7, 2019, S. 979-999.

In this paper, we rely on evolutionary psychology to examine how the use of spontaneous versus canned humor affects response to advertising among male and female consumers. The results of three experimental studies indicate that response to advertising varies as a function of the type of humor employed and the gender of the message recipient: women’s responses to spontaneous humor are more positive than to canned humor, while men’s responses are unaffected by humor type. The interactive effect is mediated by the perceived humorousness of the ad, and the message recipient’s interest in pursuing romantic activities increases the effect on perceived humorousness. These results contribute to advertising research by providing an evolutionary explanation for gender-specific responses to humorous advertising.