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Research Project: Martin Eisend

Martin Eisend: „Personalisierung in der Marketingkommunikation: Eine Metaanalyse“

German Research Foundation (DFG), Volume: 136.600 € 

The rise of digital information and communication technologies has increased the application of personalized communication to address consumers through, for example, personalized emails or online retargeting advertising. Despite the academic attention on personalized communication, there is neither a unified definition nor a common framework of personalization. As a result, prior findings are heterogeneous, fragmented, and therefore difficult to compare and to evaluate. Research is inconclusive about whether personalized market communication results in positive or negative consumer response, and no comprehensive accumulation of empirical findings exists explaining when and under which circumstances personalized marketing messages lead to either positive or negative outcomes. The aim of the current study is to fill this gap by conducting a meta-analysis that integrates prior research findings, tests boundary conditions of the effects of personalization in marketing communication and assesses the merit of different explanations of the personalization-privacy paradox.