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Same but different? Values, stereotypes and perception in a globalized society

0,5 ECTS

PeerTutoren-Angebot (Workshop)

17.7.2020 • 10-15 Uhr  • online

In a new situation, in daily life or new learning environments we are confronted with understanding differences, getting to know the other or experiencing stereotypes. A good example of trying to understand each other is the lemon. Why? No lemon looks alike, similar to the fact that people are not alike. Openness, handling stereotypes, the experience and understanding of new situations in a strange society or at a different university are examples which are discussed and reflected in this practice-orientated training. Intercultural competences are often required - here you can discover and develop your own intercultural skills.


You will receive Credit Points in most of all programs in the category of softskills in german: "Praxisrelevante Fähigkeiten" or "Schlüsselqualifikationen". Please check on your own how many ECTS you will get with your program coordinator.

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