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Challenges and chances of a diversified campus - Analyzing and dealing with critical incidents

Stefanie Vogler-Lipp, M.A.

Dates: 5 sessions (17.10.2018 / 14.11.2018 / 12.12.2018 / 9.1.2019 / 30.1.2019)
each from 10 am to 2.30 pm (c.t); room: AB 206

In times of globalization and internationalization the university as culturally, socially, politically and structurally diverse institution is a good example to discuss, analyze and reflect on diversity dimensions. Different perspectives on how to study, what to learn and how to interact in the society are represented. Students are also diverse and therefore different perspectives on situations may occur and lead to misunderstandings and prejudices in the communication between students and staff.

In this seminar, we will study diversity aspects using case studies, particularly critical incidents, which will help to understand (inter-)cultural and diverse exchange situations. Students will collect, write, reflect, analyze, discuss and present critical incidents and use them as markers for diversity aspects, inter- and multicultural issues as well as a possible solution for their actions. They will work in groups and analyze critical incidents according to different diversity dimensions such as culture, gender (identity), ethnicity, race, physical abilities, age and sexual orientation. Diversity dimensions within higher education, diversity management and intercultural communication at a university forms the theoretical basis for this analysis.


You will receive Credit Points in most of all programs in the category of softskills in german: "Praxisrelevante Fähigkeiten" or "Schlüsselqualifikationen". Please check on your own how many ECTS you will get with your program coordinator.

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Literature: will be announced during the course

Educational objectives:

  • Develop critical attitude through the application of critical incidents analysis
  • Carry out a full imposing and analyzing process
  • Gain insights about diversity dimensions and multicultural perspectives at universities
  • Do practical work in (peer)-groups

Information on Mahara Training: Since we will use the e-learning-platform “mahara” intensively, it is mandatory for all interested students to join in an additional mahara-training session in preparation of the seminar:

a) Monday, October, 15th, 2018, 3-5pm, room AB 210 (the only English mahara session) or  
b) Saturday, October, 20th, 2018, 1-3pm, room tba (in German only)

In both cases please register via:

Evidence of academic achievement: regular attendance and active participation, case analysis and presentation, autonomous group work, designing an individual e-portfolio using "mahara" (3 ECTS) and term paper (15 pages, 6 ECTS)

 A registration is not needed.