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Zentrum für Interkulturelles Lernen (ZIL)


Building cultural competence - Basic concepts of intercultural learning

Ulrike Zillmer, Niki Kasis

Compact on 6 days:  2.11, 9.11., 16.11, 23.11., 30.11., 7.12., each from 10 am to bis 3 pm

Raum: Online, BigBlueButton

Are you interested in intercultural learning? In this seminar students will get to know basic concepts of intercultural competence. We will use and explore theories, talks, methods, activities and films to reflect on the necessary skills for (inter-) cultural competence, and to critically consider its (historical and social) context. Participants will expand their own learning skills and constantly reflect on their (intercultural) learning process. The overall goal of the seminar will be to develop a theoretical input concerning relevant intercultural aspects in a university setting. This should be done in small groups and by using the methods of research oriented learning. By offering this seminar in English language we would like to especially invite and encourage international students at Viadrina to join us, share their experiences and enrich our learning and we would like to offer all students the opportunity to train their English language skills in an authentic learning setting. This seminar is hands-on and requires active participation within class and inbetween the sessions. It will take place online via BigBlueButton and Moodle.


You will receive Credit Points in most of all programs in the category of soft skills - in German: "Praxisrelevante Fähigkeiten" or "Schlüsselqualifikationen". Please check on your own how many ECTS you will get with your program coordinator.

More information:   ECTS-Liste  Kuwi      Rewi      Wiwi

Literature: will be announced during the course

Participation requirement: Being ready to reflect on own intercultural encounters. Please note: Participation- especially in the first session (as well as all the other five sessions) - is an essential requirement for the course. Since we will use the e-learning-platform “mahara” intensively, it is mandatory for all interested students who haven't participated in the seminar „Wissen schaffen im Team“ to join an additional mahara-training session in preparation of the seminar. We will offer this training during the first week.

Certificate of achievement: regular attendance and active participation, preparing and reflecting texts, designing an individual E-Portfolio using „mahara“, autonomous group work during the semester, among other (smaller) assignments developing a theoretical input on a related topic, regular peer-feedback

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20. Please register until October 28th, 2020 via moodle. Applicants will be considered according to the date of registration.