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Media Competence: Production of Audiopodcasts

Dr. Martin Kaluza

3.11.2017, 1.12.2017, 2.12.2017, jeweils von 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr

In this course you will learn to produce audio podcasts. Topics include both technical and conceptual aspects. You will learn how to use digital field recorders, conduct interviews and record noises. An „editorial meeting“ will be held in order to discuss and distribute the topics to be covered in your podcasts. The main part of the course is dedicated to the process of digital audio editing. We will use audacity, a freeware that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You will actually record and actually edit a podcast during the course, and it will be published on the course's blog (field recorders will be handed out during the first session).


Bitte prüfen Sie eigenständig die Anrechnung (ECTS, SWS) nach Ihrer Prüfungsordnung und wenden Sie sich bei Fragen hierzu direkt an Ihre*n Studiengangskoordinator*in.

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