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Frankfurt (Oder)

Blick vom Turm der Marienkirche Richtung Slubice und Oderbrücke (Foto Heide Fest, Pressestelle) ©Heide Fest

The European University Viadrina is located in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, on the Polish border,  about 80 km from Berlin. Please, do not mix up Frankfurt (Oder) and Frankfurt am Main!

These are two different cities!

You may check the interesting podcast "The other Frankfurt" on this topic. Check also our podcasts on restaurants and bars in Frankfurt (Oder). More information about Frankfurt (Oder).

Training School Location

Building IBZ Sophienstr. 6

The training school takes places at the university's guest house, not directly located at the Viadrina Campus. The guest house ("IBZ") is located just a short distance from both the university and city center at Sophienstrasse 6 in Frankfurt (Oder). For the conference room, just enter the main entrance. The location is marked as "IBZ" (Internationales Begegnungzentrum) at this map.

Train connection to Frankfurt (Oder)

09_06_06Strassenbahn88 ©Heide Fest

You can use a convenient local train to come from Berlin. It's a one-hour-ride. Timetables are availabe from the website of the Deutsche Bahn. Usually, trains are going every 30 minutes from Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder) and are called "Regionalexpress" (RE1). Be aware that the trains can have different destinations, depending on the time. They either go directly to Frankfurt (Oder), or via Frankfurt (Oder) to Eisenhüttenstadt or Cottbus. RE 1 stopps in Berlin are e.g. at Zoologischer Garten, Friedrichstraße, Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof.

You need to get a ticket before entering the train (either at a counter or at a ticket machine).

Please, makes sure to get off the train not at the train station "Frankfurt (Oder) - Rosengarten" but at the next stop "Frankfurt (Oder)".

There are several train connections from Poland, too.

Airports close to Frankfurt (Oder)

sign-airport-neon-illuminated-area ©Pexel-Freestock

Berlin is the next big interchange where international flights arrive at. So far, Berlin has two airports (Tegel and Schönefeld).  You have the following possibilities to get to Frankfurt (Oder):

Arrival via airport Berlin-Tegel

After the arrival at Berlin-Tegel you can either take a taxi (about 12 Euro) or the bus (X9) to reach the train station "Zoologischer Garten". Tickets are available at the ticket-booth or directly from the driver (2,80 Euro). From this train station you have direct connection to Frankfurt (Oder) with regional train RE 1 (see above).

Arrival via airport Berlin-Schönefeld

If you arrive at Berlin-Schönefeld you can either take the suburban line ("S-Bahn", nr.9) or the train "Regionalexpress" ("RE", Airport-Express) to the train station "Ostbahnhof".  From this train station you have direct connection to Frankfurt (Oder) with regional train RE 1 (see above).

Crossing the border to Poland If you have a visa valid for Europe, there is no need for an extra permission to go to Poland from Germany and back. Poland belongs to the "Schengen Agreement."


City Map of Frankfurt (Oder) (you will get a printed map in your conference package)

Campus Map

Frankfurt (Oder) - location in Europe

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