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Neubewertung der Wirksamkeit internationaler
Klimaschutzabkommen nach COP15

Discussion Papers

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  1. W. Buchholz, C. Ohl, A. Ufert - Ökonomische Blickwinkel auf Gerechtigkeitsfragen am Beispiel des globalen Klimaschutzes (abstract & download)
  2. W. Buchholz, A. Haupt, W. Peters - International Environmental Agreements, Fiscal Federalism, and Constitutional Design (abstract & download)
  3. O. Kovalchuk - Evaluation Mechanisms for Climate Finance (abstract & download)
  4. C. Heuson, W. Peters, R. Schwarze, A. Topp - Which mode of funding developing countries’ climate policies under the post-Kyoto framework? (abstract & download)
  5. W. Buchholz, R. Cornes, D. Rübbelke - Potentially Harmful International Cooperation on Global Public Good Provision (abstract & download)
  6. A. Haupt, M. Stadejek - Environmental Policy and the Energy Efficiency of Vertically Differentiated Consumer Products (abstract & download)
  7. M. Drechsler, J. Meyerhoff, C. Ohl - The effect of feed-in tariffs on the production cost and the landscape externalities of wind power generation in West Saxony, Germany (abstract & download)


  1. J. Spiller, F. Bolle: Inter-Generational Thoughtfulness in a Dynamic Public Good Experiment (abstract & download)
  2. P. Gneuss, W. Schmid, R. Schwarze: Efficient Approximation of the Spatial Covariance Function for Large Datasets - Analysis of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations (abstract & download)
  3. D. Becker, M. Brzeskot, W. Peters, U. Will: Grenzausgleichsinstrumente bei unilateralen Klimaschutzmaßnahmen (abstract & download)
  4. C. Heuson, W. Peters, R. Schwarze and A.-K. Topp: Investment and Adaptation as Commitment Devices in Climate Politics (abstract & download)


  1. G. Michalek, R. Schwarze: Carbon Leakage: Pollution, Trade or Politics? (abstract & download)
  2. F. Bolle: Revenue Equivalence of the Volunteer’s Dilemma and the Stag Hunt Game and Inferiority of Intermediate Thresholds (abstract & download)
  3. F. Bolle: Binary Threshold Public Goods (abstract & download)
  4. W. Buchholz, W. Peters, A. Ufert: Spielräume für uni- und multilateralen Klimaschutz (abstract & download)
  5. W. Buchholz, A. Haupt, W. Peters: Equity as a Prerequisite for Stability of Cooperation on Global Public Good Provision (abstract & download)
  6. Policy Brief No.1: W. Peters, R. Schwarze, A. Topp: Strategische Kosten der Anpassung durch Klimafonds reduzieren (download)


  1. Policy Brief No. 2: D. Becker, C. Heuson, W. Peters, U. Will: Für einen wettbewerbsneutralen EU-Emissionshandel (download)
  2. Policy Brief No. 3: F. Bolle, W. Buchholz, W. Peters, R. Schwarze, A. Ufert, P. Vetter, Ö. Yildiz: Gegenseitigkeit und Vertrauen als Erfolgsfaktoren der internationalen Klimapolitik (download)
  3. U. Will: The Extrajurisdictional Effects of Environmental Measures in the WTO Law Balancing Process
  4. G. Michalek, G. Meran, R. Schwarze, Ö. Yildiz: Nudging as a new 'soft' tool in environmental policy. An analysis based on insights from cognitive and social psychology (download)
  5. W. Peters, R. Schwarze, A. Topp: Pareto improvements induced by climate funding in a strategic adaptation-mitigation framework (abstract & download)


  1. O. Sushchenko, R. Schwarze: Carbon taxation and market financial instruments for mobilizing climate finance (abstract & download)
  2. P. Vetter, W. Schmid, R. Schwarze: Spatio-temporal statistical assessment of anthropogenic CO2 emissions from satellite data (abstract & download)
  3. E.-M. Mauer: Linking von Emissionshandelssystemen: Die EU als Vorreiter für einen globalen CO2-Markt? (abstract & download)


  1. F. Bolle, P.E. Otto: The flip side of power (abstract & download)
  2. D. Trebes: Die Einführung von marktbasierten Maßnahmen zur Emissionsbegrenzung im internationalen Flugverkehr unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Beschlüsse des ICAO (abstract & download)
  3. J. Spiller, F. Bolle: Experimental investigations of coordination games: high success rates, invariant behavior, and surprising dynamics (abstract & download)


  1. F. Bolle: Simultaneous and Sequential Voting under General Decision Rules (abstract & download)
  2. V. Meyer, R. Schwarze: The economics and management of flood risk in Germany (abstract & download)


  1. U. Will: The Specification of Rules of Differentiation in the NDCs to the Paris Agreement (abstract & download)