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Viadrina Compliance Center

International Legal Innovation and Compliance Center

Rangsit University Bangkok

Philosophy: “We learn with the heart of justice; we innovate with the wisdom of morality”

Vision: “Legal innovation creative with moral wisdom for developing Dhamacracy society”

  1. to develop Dhamacracy society by effective legal innovation concretely in promoting democracy regime under constitutional monarchy and compliance supervision in preventing and solving corruption problems in Thai society;
  2. to create legal innovation to support the process of learning, research, and training for the above 5 curriculums of the Faculty of Law and cooperate with the Master of Arts (Public Policy and Governance Innovation) Program at the Rangsit University International College (RIC);
  3. to undertake research and training projects in governance and legal innovation for generating income to finance a “Research Fund on Legal Innovation and Compliance” in order to prevent and solve corruption problems;
  4. to cooperate with international community in learning, research, and training on legal innovation and governance, that promote national and international compliance network in order to prevent and solve corruption problems in Thai society and world society.
Scope of Activities:
  1. Learning-teaching activities
  2. Research and development
  3. Academic meeting and seminar
  4. Training and study tours