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Publikation: Anne Berghöfer, Denes Glöckler, Jörg Sydow, Carolin Auschra, Lauri Wessel, Martin Gersch

Anne Berghöfer / Denes G. Göckler / Jörg Sydow / Carolin Auschra / Lauri Wessel / Martin Gersch:
The German health care Innovation Fund – An incentive for innovations to promote the integration of health care, in: Journal of Health Organisation and Management, Vol. 34(8)​, 2020, S. 915-923.

A key challenge for delivering health care services is to harmonize and integrate treatments of the same patient by different health care organizations (for example, hospitals and doctors’ offices). Such an integration is seen as key response to the rising costs and lacking quality of health care that many health care systems face. ‘Integrated Care’ is generally seen as an approach well-suited to address these issues. The purpose of our article is to present the German health care Innovation Fund (IF) initiated by the Federal Government to support the development and diffusion of integrated health care. We discuss the design and rationale of the IF in detail and provide first insights into its limitations, acceptance and implementation by relevant stakeholders. This article is the first of its kind to present the German IF to the international readership. The IF is a political initiative through which to foster innovations and promote integrated health care.