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Drittmittelforschungsprojekt: Martin Eisend

Martin Eisend: „Ethnische Minderheiten in der Werbung“

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Volumen: 166.580 €

Many, especially European, countries have experienced a noticeable demographic change in recent years, which is reflected in a more and more ethnically diverse society. Marketing has responded to increasing ethnic diversity and targeted ethnic minorities as a relevant new segment in advertising. Companies are at risk of the ethnic majority in a society perceiving the representation of ethnic minorities in advertising as less positive, while advertising that targets only the ethnic majority may deter promising target groups of certain ethnic minorities. Ignoring minorities in advertising is also criticized from a societal point of view, since it conveys a picture of a less diverse society and propagates negative stereotypes. Thus, the current research project (1) examines how ethnic minorities are portrayed in current advertising and compares the findings across countries and time; (2) examines the effects of the portrayals of ethnic minorities on consumers both in terms of brand-related effects and social effects; (3) examines important moderators of these effects; (4) investigates whether advertising is responsible for negative societal diversity-related effects; and (5) integrates past research on minority and disadvantaged groups in advertising and develops a new conceptual framework for future research.