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Publikation: Kira Kosnick

Kira Kosnick: Decolonizing Migration Studies? Thinking about Migration Studies from the Margins, in: Zeitschrift für Migrationsforschung – Journal of Migration Studies, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, 2021, S. 73-95.

Against the background of calls to ›decolonize knowledge‹ in migration studies as in different academic fields, this article addresses the conditions under which knowledge on migration is produced at German universities. Noting that refugee scholars and those with migration backgrounds from outside Western Europe or North America face specific difficulties in pursuing academic careers, a ›coloniality of migration‹ framework is employed to examine how different groups are differentially integrated into the German academic system. Suggesting a self-reflexive focus on the conditions for academic research at higher education institutions, it is argued that the conditions under which a heterogeneous ›we‹ performs the work of migration studies are differentially implicated in the governmental curtailment and management of migration and (post)migrant subjects, and in global unequal forms of hegemonic knowledge production.