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Publikation: Timm Beichelt, Lea Valentin

Beichelt_Valentin_Liminality ©Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Timm Beichelt, Lea Valentin (2020): Liminality and Transnationalism. Two Forces upon Shifting Borders in Contemporary Europe (= Working Paper Series B/ORDERS IN MOTION, hg. v. Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, Nr. 7).

The working paper presents two analytical concepts to examine territorial borders: liminality and transnationalism. The combination of both concepts offers an approach to borders and migration practices which takes borders not simply as a point of departure but puts border zones and their transgressions to the center of attention, revealing their ambiguous, in-between character. Taking into account empirical observations of complex, multi-directional migration patterns and conceptualizing them as liminal transmigration, we challenge the rhetoric of impermeable territorial borders and an enduring, one-way migration flow into Western Europe. Instead, we propose a perspective on borders that not only allows for ambiguities but makes analytical as well as empirical disruptions productive.


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