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Volkswagen Foundation: Challenges and potentials for Europe: the greying continent (research project)

The focus of this call is on the broad field of challenges and potential of ageing for and in Europe, especially its transformative power on societies.

Target group: scholars at all career levels post-Ph.D. in the humanities, cultural and social sciences working at European universities and research institutes.

Application requirements:

  • Grants can be awarded to universities and research institutions only;
  • Funding can be provided for closely interacting research consortia of up to 5 PIs/Partners coming from universities of at least 3 different countries in Europe (no more than 2 from the same country).
  • The leading PI must come from a German institution.
  • The inclusion of research institutions from Southern and Eastern Europe is particularly desirable.

Duration: up to four years.

Funding services: 

  • 1 million EUR for consortia of three PIs; up to 1.5 million Euro for consortia of five PIs per project.
  • Funds can be made available for personnel as well as non-personnel expenses, such as travel costs, workshops, consumables, acquisition and storage/management of data, open access, science communication measures, and equipment.

Application process: Applications must be submitted in English via the electronic application system of the Volkswagen Foundation. The application process consists of two phases. Applicants are firstly asked to hand in a 5-page pre-proposal outlining the research project. Shortlisted project consortia will be invited to turn in a full proposal and to present their proposals in person at an interview with the review panel, after which the final decision will be made.




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Dr. Annabella Fick
Tel.: 0511/8381-212

Nicole Richter
Tel.: 0511/8381-243

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