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Debating in Academia

Primary Target Group: VIP-Fellows, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers
Date: Monday, June 13, & Thursday, June 16, 2022 | 10 am - 5 pm (s.t.) | Online
Instructor: Ms. Marietta Gädeke

Language: English (recommended level: B2 or higher)

Course Description:

Let our seminar "Debating in Academia" take you on a trip into the world of competitive debate! In our 2-day workshop, Marietta Gädeke, two time quarterfinalist of the World Debating Championships, will show you how to phrase your opinion in debates and discussions in a strategic way - and to deliver them with the most impact. You will practice your spontaneous argumentation in a playful and competitive setting and you will get valuable feedback to improve your skills. 

For that, we take special care in using a lot of big and small practical exercises. On top of that, you will encounter situations in which you will handle pushback to give you a most realistic learning experience. You will hone your skill to form a strong argumentation strategy while also anticipating and rebutting possible counter argumentation. At the same time, we will train how to deal with unwanted remarks and public criticism to make you more comfortable in challenging situations. You will learn how to counter mean questions, attacks and unqualified distractions while keeping your calm and remaining professional. 

At the same time, we will constantly check how our new skills and strategies fit into the world of academia. We will ponder the implications for using them in the scientific community and in situations such as conferences, panel discussions and committee work. Our goal: To prepare well for any kind of verbal exchange!

Learning goals:

  • You know the formal structure of debates and arguments
  • You practice to use strategy and tactics in argumentation - even under pressure 
  • You recognise and rebut logical fallacies and distractions 
  • You build impactful lines of argumentation 
  • You anticipate and rebut counterarguments 
  • You improve your skill to find speedy answers to publicly voiced criticism and verbal attacks