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Improved Reading

Primary Target Group: Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers
Date: Monday, May 3, and Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 9 am - 5 pm (both days) | Online
Instructor: Mr. Jonas Ritter

Language: English

Course Description:

When considered individually, neither reading pace nor memorizing or understanding of texts are particularly significant. What is decisive is the ratio between speed on the one hand and understanding as well as memorizing on the other. This ratio determines the reading effectiveness. By attending this workshop, your reading effectiveness will improve by 40 to 120%.

Even practiced readers generally use only 30 to 50% of their concentration capacity. By means of systematic cognitive High-Intensity-Training (C-HIT) you will significantly increase your degree of focus as well as your processing speed. As a result, 50 to 100% more text can be processed within the same length of time, and the capacity to understand complex texts improves. Essential content can be memorized more easily.

Accompanying tests of your reading speed and text memory will show the progress achieved. Already during the workshop, your reading speed will increase noticeably while the quality of your text comprehension either remains stable or improves. On the second day of the workshop, you will have the chance of testing your newly acquired skills on your own texts you bring to the workshop. 

Your benefits:  

  • more focused and rapid reading – both on screen and on paper 
  • better processing of scientific texts
  • memorizing essentials through improved reading tactics
  • quicker locating of important content in an information overload
  • remaining relaxed and stress-free even with large amounts of text