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Building Academic Networks

Primary Target Group: VIP Fellows, Postdoctoral and Doctoral Researchers
Date: Tuesday, April 27, and Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 9 am - 1 pm (both days) | Online
Instructor: Dr. Cornelia Altenburg

Language: English (recommended level: C1, minimum B2)

Course description:

In the light of growing complexity in the knowledge society, the ‘know-who’ is gaining in importance next to the ‘know-how’. Fortunately, in recent years the possibilities to make quick and target focused contact, be it face-to-face or via social media, have increased in number and significance. With just a few clicks you can reach out to colleagues, experts, potential employers, funders and business partners of all kind.

In the academic sector, as elsewhere, personal contacts offer chances. They help to gain cooperation partners and supporters for one’s own project, receive conference invitations, be involved in publications, and be told about interesting positions. The numerous digital interaction formats allow for a simple way of cultivating your network and staying in touch – especially now, under the contact restrictions due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Networking requires initiative and continued investment. It is helpful, in this context, to be able to rely on proven traditional and digital strategies to make the right contacts, to maintain them on a long-term basis and to find the balance between giving and taking. The following points are dealt with:

  • Basics of networking: The strategic network analysis
  • Before the harvest, sow: Building contacts face-to-face and online
  • Network care: Traditional and digital opportunities
  • Network university: Which contacts and bodies are important?
  • Small talk as icebreaker: Getting into conversation confidently and steering it
  • The elevator pitch presentation: How to make an impression within a few moments
  • Social status and hierarchies: How to act in various situations
  • Networking: My next steps