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Application: Social and Cultural Sciences

The Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences offers through the International Office a centralized application process for study abroad programs. Spots are available for one semester in the fields of history, cultural sciences, social sciences and linguistics. You can apply for a stay abroad at one of our partner universities.

Please keep in mind that applications are only accepted once a year, mostly in December. Applications are for an entire academic year, that is, for the winter semester of the coming year and for the summer semester of the following year.

Leftover spots are usually assigned in March.

1st Step: Information

The International Office hosts every November an “International Day” that includes many informational events for studying abroad through ERASMUS (EU) and non-EU (bilateral) programs. Nicole Klück and Christin Reise offer personal advising during their regular office hours.

2nd Step: Applying at the International Office

Applications for a semester abroad or for international joint degrees should be submitted to the International Office (or at the post box by AM 213 ). Current application deadlines are listed here. The following documents and information are required to successfully apply:

  • Printout of online application (with photo)
  • Attention: Before you fill out and submit your online application, please check if your faculty actually has a partnership contract with the university that you selected.
  • Motivation statement: should be written with regard to your first choice university (1 to 2 max.; A4 size paper; written in German*)
  • Resume/CV (without photo)
  • Information about your major’s focus area at Viadrina – only relevant for Bachelor students: integrate this information in your resume.
  • Transcript: as a printout from His-Portal. In case that not all your grades are listed there, please use the transcript form in German (LINK), which – while showing your original transcript – will have to be countersigned by the International Office in AM 213. Master students must additionally include a copy of their previous diploma.
  • Proof of language proficiency as a printout from the Language Center website; if applicable, any other certificates. In case you don’t have proof of your language proficiency, please have yourself tested with the use of the DAAD language certificate form (English, French, Spanish – forms for other languages can be found online) at the appropriate language department. For the Russian Department specific requirements are in place.
  • Current certificate of enrollment.

Please hand in your application in a simple application portfolio (no loose stack of papers, envelope or folder).

3rd Step: Selection

The International Office conducts the selection of applicants with the cooperation of the faculty. Following that, you will get a notification via email with the selection results.

If you applied to a university that falls within our non-EU program, then you might in some cases also be invited to an application interview. Only afterward will you receive a notification via email about the decision of the selection committee.

Attention: The approval that you get from Viadrina does not constitute a final pledge to study abroad. The ultimate decision for that is in the hands of the partner university, which is informed of the selection results. As a rule, however, students that are nominated by us are accepted.

4th Step: Informational Talks

Those who have been selected to study abroad will be invited to an informational event sometime in March/April. At this meeting, you will find out how to go about with the application process at the partner university.

5th Step: Applying to the Partner University

As per the instructions of the International Office, all students that were nominated for the Erasmus program apply by themselves to the partner universities. Students who were selected for the non-EU program submit their application to the International Office. Within the context of the non-EU program, it is not possible to directly send your application to the partner university! Please keep in mind that you cannot apply to the partner university before you receive approval from the International Office.

Attention: The partner universities have certain deadlines that must be met. These you must find these out yourself on the universities’ websites. Sometimes you will also receive informational emails directly from the partner university.

Tips for Erasmus Stays:

  • The following documents are to be submitted to the partner university:
  1. Transcript of Records with the grades that you already earned in Germany
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Other application supporting documents that the partner university might require. Please inform yourself of this in a timely fashion through the website of the respective university. Sometimes you will also receive informational emails directly from the partner university.
  • Financial aid for studying abroad (Auslandsbafög) should be applied for, if applicable, very early. You can find more tips on our site under Financing on the left-hand side menu.
  • Please keep in mind that you will need a visa to enter Turkey; it is your responsibility to acquire one.
  • Some partner universities have set certain admission requirements on exchange students (e.g., official language certificates like TOEFL, minimum GPA, number of already-acquired ECTS credits; further information is available on the partner universities’ websites).

Tips for non-EU Stays:

  • Transcript forms are separately required (if applicable, in the national language) from many universities. You can find templates here: English , Russian, Spanish.
  • Language certificates:
    • For Latin American universities you can receive a language certificate from the Spanish Department of the Language Center. Sometimes other official language certificates are also required.
    • North American and Australian universities generally require the TOEFL (LINK) score in the place of a language certificate. As soon as you are notified that the International Office selected you, register to take the TOEFL.
    • Also, in Russia, now and then, official language certificates are required.
  • A copy of your passport needs to be included in the application to a non-EU university. Your passport must be valid at least until a year after your planned stay abroad is to begin.

6th Step: Semester Abroad and Return

After the completion of your semester abroad, please contact the International Office within the first four weeks of your return. You will then have to submit the required documents.

Bachelor students can simultaneously submit their application for the recognition of credits earned abroad. A downloadable application form and more information on this topic can be found under recognition (LINK).

Attention: It is necessary to take a certain number of courses abroad, depending on the major, in order to get that semester recognized at EUV as a semester abroad. For more information for bachelor students, please read our Recognition for Social and Cultural Sciences FAQ (LINK). Master students can inform themselves through their major coordinator (LINK).

The following documents are to be submitted after returning:

Erasmus Program

  1. Learning Agreement
  2. Study report
  3. Receipt confirmation
  4. Letter of Confirmation of the Host Institution
  5. Transcript of Records of the partner university

Non-EU Program

1. Experience Report: informal writing regarding living conditions and experiences at the partner university. Please include the following points:

  • Preparation (planning, organizing and applying to the host university)
  • Accommodation
  • Studying at the host university
  • Everyday life and free time
  • Bottom line (best and worst experiences)

2. Transcript of records of the partner university (is mostly sent directly to the International Office. We will inform you via email when the transcript arrives and you can pick it up at AM 213).