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Staff Training Week

Dear Erasmus Partners,


the European University Viadrina is pleased to announce its first Erasmus StaffTraining Week to which we would like to invite you as our Partner Universities.

The Staff Training Week will take place from 7th to 11th May 2012.

The purpose of the program is to exchange knowledge and know-how in the field of international student exchange and international study programs. Being among the most international universities in Germany, we would like to focus especially on intercultural issues during this week. In order to gain an overview of the Staff Training Week, click here to find the draft of the program we have planned.

Our target group is administrative staff working in international offices dealing with international study and exchange programs.

We can receive up to 25 participants, ideally selecting one or two colleagues per university. Application via e-mail will be open from January 16 until February 29. We will send you an answer informing you if your application has been accepted or not by mid-March.

There are rooms available in a centrally located hotel for approx. 56€ per night. Reservations can be made after being accepted to the program.

For further information please contact Martina Heinle,

The application form can be found here.


The Department of International Affairs is looking forward to welcoming you at the Viadrina!